Work & Sports Injury

Recovery, Rehabilitation and Preventative Programmes

GOGOIf you love sport at any level, then picking up an injury can be your worst nightmare. Finding yourself on the side-lines can be really frustrating. If your injury is work related then this can be a real problem, especially if you have days off work, leading to loss of income or even putting your position in jeopardy.

At BodyWell you come under the care of our team of Injury Specialists who are dedicated to identifying the cause of your pain, tailor a programme to optimise your recovery and return you to competition and/or work in the shortest time with a clear approach to helping you prevent a recurrence.

Whether on the field or at work, your health ultimately determines if you make the cut and/or remain on the team.

Initially I was sceptical, but the results speak for themselves.

Martin Wood

Triathlete, Faversham

A three stage approach has proven itself time and time again:

  • Recovery
    First we work with you to identify the root cause of the injury, where it has occurred and to give you the most accurate picture of what is causing the pain or discomfort. Our on-site digital x-rays, nerve scans and 3D weight bearing equipment provides the best analysis possible.
  • Rehabilitation
    You will receive a comprehensive correction healthcare programme to restore your body to its optimum performance.
  • Preventative Programmes
    You will receive consistent attention from our Injury Specialist through ongoing care and support to prevent re-injury and to enable you to fulfil your potential without limitation.

My health no longer causes me to have days off work, saving me a lot of hassle and money

Becky Housman

Manager, Canterbury