Children & Family Care

Tailored Healthcare for the Entire Family

Family-Running-on-beach-LOW-RESAs a parent you will know the value of a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning. Being healthy is imperative even before getting pregnant and staying that way during pregnancy will set your children on the right path. But after the birth, keeping that healthy lifestyle becomes more and more difficult as children grow up, go to school and enjoy time with their peers and friends at sleepovers and parties.

At BodyWell, Paediatric, Child Development and Family Care are at the core of our services so we provide a healthcare environment that recognises the importance of helping you understand the best of health from a very young age.

Great place to take kids to raise them happy and healthy. Our children have better concentration and sleep better.

Charles Bates

Consultant, Adisham

Providing tailored health care for the entire family:

  • BodyWell is the largest wellness facility of its kind to help families in Kent and having invested in the latest technology became the first Award-Winning Centre to provide this type of healthcare excellence.
  • At BodyWell you can access an unrivalled list of professional services with more than affordable fees to ensure you get the best care.
  • We are so proud that over 12,500 individuals in families have entrusted their health to the team at BodyWell all of whom enjoy the best of health.

Our entire family, including my husband, children and even grandparents have all benefited greatly from the family based care at BodyWell, from nutrition advice to help losing weight and increasing muscle tone to the spinal adjustments to ensure my husband never misses a day at work (and golf!). The service is family oriented making it easy for all of us to attend regularly without any fuss and it is affordable!

Paula Young

Mother of two, Sandwich - Kent