Digital Nerve Scans

Precision State of the Art Technology for Practical Solutions


Diagnostic accuracy to identify the root cause of your problem.

When you are looking to restore your body to the best of health, then having your nervous system working at its optimum is key. To ensure any problems you have resolved effectively, addressing the root cause of your problem relies on having the most comprehensive analysis available to identify, adjust and maintain the best of health for you.
From the very start, BodyWell joined some of the leading international health providers working with The Space Foundation Technology, co-founded by NASA, for the development of non-intrusive technology designed to measure changes in the spinal muscle function of astronaut in outer space. The resulting Insight Technology™ consists of Digital Nerve Scan, Thermography, Surface Electromyography and Pulse Wave Profiler, and are all available for you at BodyWell to get the most precise analysis of your health problems.

A friend recommended me and I was sceptical. After attending the BodyWell Group for just a few weeks, my life has completely turned around. I would urge anyone
to visit this place and listen to what they have to say – you won’t regret it!

Jason Wright

Engineer, Whitstable

BodyWell matches your investment in the best of health by:

  • By being the only place in the UK to offer the best Insight Technology™, certified by The Space Foundation to provide you with the most accurate analysis.
  • Fully trained Chiropractors and Specialists provides you a precise and bespoke corrective healthcare programme.
  • All analyses are non-intrusive and give you the full measurement of muscle and nerve imbalances.