Detox And Colonic Therapy

Toxin Elimination and Purification for Optimal Body Wellness

iStock-000010645616MediumYou’ll know that a modern lifestyle can lead to an accumulation of toxins in your body as a result of your diet and other environmental factors. To achieve the best of health, it is essential to free your body
of these toxins.

There are many ways to ‘detox’ and cleanse your body, from diet and exercise to massage and other therapies. One of the most effective and instant approaches is to clean and clear the colon.

At The BodyWell Group you can seek advice from our Clinical Therapist for colonic (hydro) therapy, often referred to as colonic irrigation,
which stimulates bowel activity by using your body’s natural nerve and muscular response mechanisms for what is essentially a natural treatment.

Anxious to be honest, but so glad I went. The difference has been remarkable.

Jenny McIver


What makes this one of the most effective and instant approaches?

  • As you clear the colon of hardened waste material and harmful toxins your body’s immune system is fully stimulated.
  • Provide a favourable environment for friendly bacteria and micro-flora, aiding digestion and preventing toxic absorption as nutrients pass freely into your bloodstream.
  • As well as a relief from bloating, abdominal distension and IBS, the resulting feeling of well-being leads to an increase in your energy levels, improvement in your mental clarity and clearer and more glowing skin.