Body Chemistry And Allergy Testing

Physiological Testing to Restore Body Balance

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If you find you are gradually declining in health, this can be the result of an undetected deficiency or toxicity in your body which may have been present for a long time. This can lead to imbalance in your physiological wellness which, when left undetected and uncorrected, can result in illness and disease.

At the BodyWell Group you are able to identify problems with your body chemistry even before they actually cause you a problem. Working with a Nutritional Specialist, you can undergo specific testing often not readily available from your GP.

ResizedImage215177-doceyesWe are dedicated to providing diagnostic precision, coupled with through consultations, to allow for quality care and early identification of problems for providing you with the best advice.
The in-house medical specialists will then draw on their top 32 years clinical experience and provide you with an accurate analysis with corresponding personalised advice to help you achieve the best of health without the use of prescription medication.


BodyWell’s testing has not only identified the cause of my long term health problem, but also helped me to resolve it naturally, without the use of medication, thank you, I am so grateful!

Marianne Lawson

Accountant, Sittingbourne

Getting the best from BodyWell:

  • By providing one of the widest range of physiological wellness tests, you can be assured you will get the cause of any body chemistry imbalance.
  • BodyWell Specialists always look for a natural solution versus the common poly pharmacy route most GPs like, so your body balance is restored naturally.
  • As long as you are part of The BodyWell Group, you will enjoy a whole host of activities that will keep you in the best of health.