Healthy Living Workshops And Seminars

Inspired Learning for Achieving the Best of Health

Covering all aspects to help you achieve the best of health.

In a world where you are surrounded by lots of excellent advice, it is often difficult for you to know which advice is best for you. Yet when you learn about something that you can implement immediately and dramatically improve your health and quality of life, this can be inspirational.

The Doctors Committed to Education (DCE) and Specialists at the BodyWell Group have formulated a series of Best of Health Masterclasses, Transformational Workshops and Seminars lasting for a short 30-45 minutes. Having presented to over 45,000 people internationally and 12,500 locally in the UK, the insightful and thought provoking sessions change lives.

I have learnt so much from the MasterClasses. They really have changed my life.

Helen Pace

Age 39, Chatham

During each inspiring talk you will:

  • Learn ways to dramatically improve and maintain your health.
  • Hear the author of a No.1 best seller and Senior Health Specialist at BodyWell, Dr. Christian and guest speakers share their expertise and proven “health secrets”.
  • Get more for yourself through better health from just a small investment of time.