Digital Xrays

Diagnostic Accuracy for Bespoke Care

If you think about it, common sense will tell you that treating the symptoms of health problems will potentially only mask the real cause and in no way provide you with a long term correction. Many traditional approaches simply suppress the nervous systems’ true function, which is to tell the brain that your body needs help.

At The BodyWell Group we find the root cause of your health problems, all on-site, using state-of-the-art digital x-ray imaging to provide you with the most accurate analysis of what’s happening to your central nervous system enabling us to put together the most effective corrective healthcare programme for you.

We believe investing in the best technology to provide you with affordable expertise and give you the best advice.

BodyWell has prevented me from having a lifetime of pain and spinal surgery.
They have been positive, joyous and life changing for me.

James Linsley

Business Owner, Birchington

X-ray imaging provides:

  • The Imasight Digital Diagnostic Radiography (DDR) standing x-ray facility at BodyWell is quick and uses the most advanced technology to ensure reduced dosage per exposure.
  • You get immediate feedback about your condition and full results report within 24-48 hours dramatically reducing waiting time.
  • The accuracy of the results are second to none, providing the Specialists and Chiropractors working with you exactly where the cause of your problems lie, helping them create the most effective recovery program for you.