Sports Rehabilitation & Prevention

Athletic Performance Enhancement, for the Novice and the Professional

ResizedImage206309-sportsguyWhen you enjoy sport you want to participate in it as much as possible and this is made all the more frustrating when you’ve picked up an injury and recovery is painfully slow. The temptation is to start back when it ‘feels’ better but the recovery process and tissue repair often continues for some time after that and this can lead to a recurrence of the injury or even long term damage.

At BodyWell we know this because full recovery relies on the structural integrity and functions of your joints, muscles and supportive ligaments being in optimum condition.

Our state of the art approach enables us to design exactly the right programme to help you achieve optimum recovery by addressing the cause not simply the symptom and provide you with a specific rehabilitation programme based on your individual needs.

BodyWell’s programme is an essential ingredient for achieving the best of health for my preparation and ability to realise my full potential.

Peter Sutton

Ironman, Ramsgate

Working with our BodyWell Sports Injury Specialists you’ll receive:

  • The most comprehensive assessment of your injury to ensure that the focus of the recovery programme is tailored to you.
  • A personalised recovery programme to ensure optimum tissue repair to get you back into your sport with confidence with specific rehabilitation exercises and body conditioning
  • An ongoing preventative programme designed to allow you enjoy your sport in the long term without the fear of the injury recurring again.