Posture And Your Spine

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A yoga instructor correcting the posture of one of her students

According To The Journal of Pain Management “posture affects all human function, consciously and unconsciously from breathing to thinking.” This is because when your posture is often out of balance, your spine is also off and out of alignment which leaves to problems with your nervous system and ultimately your health.

Knowing abnormal posture is linked to the development and progression of many spinal conditions and injuries, BodyWell is totally focused on your physical health and most importantly your posture. If you want to improve your physical condition, then attending our
acclaimed Posture Masterclass Series is a must.

I am not a class man, but I have to admit, the BodyWell Yoga and Posture classes are fantastic!

Alex Brosman

Builder, Broadstairs

These tailored classes will help you:

  • Preserve and protect your mobility for years to come by learning the way to hold yourself and move your body.
  • Condition both your body and mind by including a program of stretching, strengthening, meditation and relaxation for all ranges of experience. Led by the BodyWell Instructors and Ambassadors.
  • Always leave relaxed and refreshed.