Deep Tissue & Massage

Full Range of Muscle, Sports, Lymphatic Massages
and Therapies for Total Relief

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If you lead an active life then muscular aches and pains are something that you might well have got used to. Whether from exertions in the garden or on the sporting field, being sat at a desk all day or even just everyday life, muscular pain can be debilitating. But these aches and pains are not normal and can easily lead to more long-term disease and illness as the body tries to compensate from a lack of muscular functionality affecting your posture, your ability to recover from injury or simply damage from over-use.

At BodyWell you can access a full range of muscle, sports, lymphatic massages and therapies for total relief. Working alongside Principled Chiropractors and Specialists, our professional team of Massages Therapists, Sports Injury Therapists and Wellness Practitioners provide deep tissue massages, one of the most effective ways to improve muscle and connective tissue health.

I have been having deep tissue massage at BodyWell for over 12 months and to be frank, I think it is a tremendous service.

Max Saunders

Creative Director, London

Achieving total relief:
  • Firm pressure massages are designed to release tight layers of muscle and tissue and restores proper function in the deeper tissues so your pain is alleviated.
  • BodyWell offers the widest range of massages in Kent including Express Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Active Muscle Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Bowen Technique and Relaxation Massage.
  • You receive full advice on which form of massage will provide you the most effective care and get the best results.

Deep tissue massage has really complemented the care I receive at BodyWell.

Louise Franson

Accounts Manager, Faversham

Fees & Membership

Anyone can become a member of The BodyWell Group at a fee of £49 a month. As a member of a privileged group of people who put their health first, we want you to get the most out of your care at The BodyWell Group. Below is a list to help you understand the many advantages and significant savings you receive as part of your BodyWell Membership.


Express Deep Tissue Massage (15 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage (30 mins)

Deep Tisuue Massage (45 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins)