Power Stretching, Pilates & Chirolates Classes

Improving Your Flexibility and Core Strength Through Tailored Physical Conditioning

A young yoga instructor leading her class in some stretching exercises

As you get older, the natural flexibility and core strength that you enjoyed when you were younger tends to diminish. Combine this with a more sedentary lifestyle, for example working in an office, it is easy to put this down to simple “ageing”.

If you are interested in improving your overall flexibility, remaining supple and enjoying the best of health, the specialist classes at BodyWell are suitable for you. Whether you are enjoying your youth or senior years, ageing gracefully is normal; ageing prematurely is not.

At BodyWell, we know that ageing has little to do with your physical condition and that it is more to do with your posture and the condition of your spine and nervous system. Both these can benefit significantly from looking after your overall core strength.

BodyWell has inspired me to enjoy ageing with the best of health.

There are no limits apart from time to enjoy everything I can.

Guy Hawkins

Faversham, Retired Teacher

BodyWell helps prevent premature ageing and arthritis to ensure you remain your chronological age so you can enjoy a full life in the best of health.

Working with Specialist Instructors and Practitioners, the BodyWell Group offers a wide range of tailored physical conditioning programs:

  • Power Stretching™ – benefit from the fully integrated stretching and flexibility programme that improves your posture and overall health.
  • Pilates – Gain confidence in foundation exercises to provide total body conditioning. As your mat-work skills improve you will progress to more advanced exercises with balls, bands and rollers focusing on core strength, including abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.
  • Chirolates™ – If you have previously experienced a bad reaction from group fitness classes then working with our Specialist Chiropractors and Spinal Health Practitioners with Chirolates™ will identify any underlying weaknesses and formulate a specific series of exercises tailored to your individual needs. BodyWell prevents adverse reactions because we have your spine and nervous system in mind.

The supportive stretching and flexibility classes have been so beneficial. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Tanya Driscoll

University Student, Whitstable