Physiotherapy & Physical Therapy

Restoring movement and function

physioInjury, illness or disability can really affect your quality of life especially when it has an impact on your freedom of movement. Physiotherapy offers a good way to manage and prevent injury.

Located in South east Kent, just 2 minutes outside Canterbury, the BodyWell purpose built Health Centre provides you with physical therapy, rehabilitation and physiotherapy services six days a week.

With a complimentary screening the BodyWell specialists will determine if your problem is best resolved using physiotherapy or a number of other speciality services provided at BodyWell.

With Digital X-ray and Nerve Scan diagnostic technology, 3D Foot Scans and over 30 years of clinical experience makes BodyWell Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy very successful for alleviating the cause of common problems such as back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder and facilitating effective recovery with post-operative rehab.

The Physiotherapy experience was vastly different to those I have received at other physios and therapists.
The thing I liked most about BodyWell was they have a coordinated approach whereby you get access to all the experts’ guidance and advice, so it is real value for money.

Luke Watkins

Goalkeeper, Ramsgate FC

For quick and effective relief you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive screening providing diagnostic precision and accurate analysis for immediate access to results.
  • A personalised recovery program with easy-to-use and practical solutions.
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment to achieve maximum effectiveness.

My training led me to research BodyWell and now I am grateful to work on the team to provide
the highest standard of care.

Marius Selkauskis

Health Associate and Physical Therapist, Canterbury