Personal Training And Fitness Conditioning

Support, Guidance and Motivation for One-to-One, Tandem,
Express and Advanced PT Plus Sessions

iStock-000015327073MediumGetting and keeping yourself in shape can be a real challenge when you try to do it on your own. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, prepare for an event or simply want to engage in a personal fitness and training process, working with a Personal Trainer can make all the difference.

At BodyWell we believe physical conditioning and fitness form part of the Fundamental 5 that you require to achieve the best of health. So we provide BodyWell Personal Trainers (PTs) who have greater insight into your overall health because of their close work with Chiropractors and Specialists.

To achieve your personal fitness and health goals:

  • We combine fitness with nutritional and weight management advice so you can achieve your
    individual goals.
  • You will receive a tailored and personalised programme designed especially for you.
  • Working closely with your dedicated Personal Trainer you get the most out of your sessions
    and achieve the best of health.
Jane Ensworth

Age 45, Whitstable

What makes BodyWell special?

  • Our team of Chiropractors and Specialists are dedicated to bring you back to the best of health.
  • We focus on you, not just the cause and certainly not the symptom.
  • By using state-of-the-art equipment we achieve maximum effectiveness.

This can work for you:

If you want to return to the best of health or are simply concerned about any aspect of your health follow the links below.