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Thank you for visiting our profile page. Our team is dedicated to every client and we want you to get to know us. Our head of service is Christian Farthing. Better known as ”Dr.” Christian Farthing, he is a highly experienced Chiropractor from Australia but now in Blean as a Spinal Specialist. BodyWell Group Cantebury. Christian Farthing has been a Chiropractic patient ever since he was 6 months old. His mother Valerie, having had training as a nurse, experienced the work of modern day medicine as you may know it these days. She valued that medicine may help people battling for their existence, however could not assist in preventing them from getting unwell in the first place.

She also saw some people die at the mercy of chronic diseases, a few of which could have been avoided.From a family of 5 brothers and sisters, Dr. Christian Farthing appreciated the importance of family along with the role ultimate health played in the success of a household. “Your family will only be as happy as your unhealthiest and unhappiest child” are the words that resonate with Dr. Farthing today as he now takes care of more than 12,500 patients, more than half of these families within the Canterbury area., Chiropractor Canterbury.

Follow his latest updates on the Christian Farthing Twitter page, where you can find the latest chiropractic news and advice. You can also connect with him on the Christian Farthing Crunch Base page here. If you would like to read our latest reviews, visit the BodyWell Group reviews page here. You can also send you own feedback to us using the email provided on the page. For more information please call us.