Corporate Wellness Programme

A healthy business with healthy profits needs healthy people

Are your staff fit for purpose?

For a business to be successful, it needs a workforce that is productive and effective in everything they do. Yet over the last 5 years many businesses have been focused on survival, pushing productivity to the limit and working with minimal resources to simply break even.

Still being in business today is a real achievement but what is the real cost? A recent Gallup poll indicates that 74% of staff are disengaged with their jobs and as a result their health is suffering, which leads to increased absenteeism and a drop in productivity.

Currently helping over 8,500 employees in Kent

The BodyWell Group is more than familiar with the challenges of sustaining an enthusiastic, healthy and productive team because we actively take care of over 8,500 employees.

All have one thing in common: with the ever increasing pressure at work, none of their employers had a programme in place to maintain their health. A shock discovery was made. Mainstream healthcare was not fit for purpose to support small businesses because it was designed to treat the sick and not provide services to achieve the very best of health.

Corporate Health Check

We have designed a unique and exclusive Corporate Health Check to provide the best advice for your organisation, giving you:

  • Personalised Health Screenings to measure the health of
    your people.
  • Report of Findings to create a bespoke health plan for
    your organisation.
  • BodyWell 3 Step Corporate Wellness Programme tailored
    for your organisation to achieve the best performance out
    of your people.

3 Steps to Corporate Wellness 

With the ever increasing pressure of business performance, we have created an easy to implement Formula, uniquely designed to embed a health culture, empowering your staff and teams alike to take responsibility for their health and performance, dramatically improving their energy, focus and productivity at work.

The 3-Step Corporate Wellness Programme will have an immediate impact on the health of your business so you can ‘profit from healthy performing people’.

Profit from healthier performing people

Based on leading edge science and proven strategies that really make a difference, BodyWell is driven by the desire to bring this to as many people as possible, combining state of the art facilities and bespoke wellness programmes, for small, medium and large businesses.

The implementation of the Corporate Wellness Programme prevents lost production from sick days and improves attendance and productivity, which ultimately increases your bottom line and profits.

To create a programme tailored for your organisation, the best place to start is with our unique and exclusive Corporate Health Check.

For a Corporate Wellness Health Check, book here.

Having experienced the services at BodyWell first hand, I believe the 3 Steps to Corporate Wellness has the ability to significantly shift the performance of any organisation.

Barnaby Wynter

The Brand Bucket Company