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Welcome to our new review page where we will be showcasing our latest customer feedback. We value our clients and pride ourselves on keeping them happy and satisfied with our service.At BodyWell we are inspired by the vision that everyone should enjoy a life in the best of health. We continually strive to find what makes us well taking us into the realms of nutrition, fitness and mental health.

We are so proud that over 12,500 people have entrusted their health care to the team at BodyWell, building a thriving practice and a healthcare environment that offers individuals and families the opportunity to live a full life in the best of health. Check back soon as more are being added every week. If you would like to review our Chiropractic services, then send them in to us at

Review 3



I injured my neck following a car accident 18 months ago. I had done usual recipe of appointments that we commonly provided to everyone who has pain. GP, pain medication, physio, then if all else fails, the orthopaedic specialist for pain injections. By this time, the pain was crippling. I could not sleep. Everything became very difficult.

A work colleague had noticed that I had been off work for a few days and got in touch. They had been having corrective chiropractic at BodyWell in Canterbury. It had really made a difference and so they wanted me to go. I was apprehensive because I had never been to a chiropractor before.

To cut a long story short. That was 4 weeks ago. Since then, I had my first appointment with Dr. Christian and my experience has been nothing short of brilliant!

They have digital x-rays and nerve scans onsite. They did a full-body check and also identified some other health problems that I could start addressing to stop them affecting my future health.

My crippling neck pain….. something that controlled every movement, every breath and every waking moment HAS GONE! I am pain-free, no longer taking any medication and feel great. In fact, I feel better than I probably was before the car accident.

I know that I feel so much better, but am keen to continue with my programme to get much healthier too. If you asked me, I would tell you exactly what my friend at work said “Don’t delay it any longer. They will help you.”

Stephen – Blean

Review 2

Thank you BodyWell!


My daughter had continued ear infections for the first 3 years of her life. Antibiotics and calpol were part of her lifestyle BUT NOT what we wanted. I had had enough, so went on-line and read the reviews on this exact same page.

I booked an appointment and have to say, it was the best thing I could have ever done. It has been 12 months on and no sign of ear infections, drugs or sleepless nights. Thank you BodyWell!

Joanna – Kent


Review 3

Sad, Sorry and Sixty!


I had become out of shape and was living the typical office worker lifestyle with poor posture, poor diet and struggling with low energy, poor sleep and weight gain. My GP recommended I see the health team at BodyWell because he was not equipped to help me. I respected my GP for being so honest and learned that he too sees the chiropractor at BodyWell!

I started a programme and have lost 3 stone! I am far more flexible and my body shape has changed completely. The support and continued follow-up has helped keep me on track. They really know what you need. Some people need less, but I surely needed more.

It has been a real investment and something I would definitely do again.

Harvey – Cantebury 

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