Healthy mobility for optimal flexibility and independence

Move freely with confidence for independent mobility. Correct the cause of your reduced mobility so you can enjoy a full and active life.

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Restore your balance

Move with confidence

Safeguard your mobility

Limited mobility and poor stability hold you back from moving freely with confidence

Our team of Rehabilitation Specialists have helped literally thousands of patients in Kent restore their freedom of movement and confidence with mobility so they can return to living a full and active life once again.

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Solve your mobility problem and gain confidence with movement

Assess the problem

Identify the underlying cause of your mobility problem

Evidence based approach

A precise series of tests to highlight weaknesses for accurate guidance

Tailored advice

Bespoke exercises to correct your mobility problem so you can move with confidence

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024
My balance had deteriorated and I struggled getting up and down stairs. The functional movement screen showed me what I needed to do to keep my independence and not have to worry about moving house.
Vera Holmes (74)
I suffered from a stroke and lost control with balance and basic movements around my home. Following the functional movement program I now feel so much better and with confidence.

3 Stages for better balance and full mobility

Correct the problem

Rather than let your mobility deteriorate, find out how to safeguard your mobility and move with confidence.

Diagnostic expertise

Precise testing to identify and correct impaired mobility to restore functional movement and preserve your independence.

Team of experts

Specialists and staff are all highly trained in solving mobility, balance, bio-mechanical, and neurological problems.

Open 6am to 6pm

Appointments at your earliest convenience to ensure a speedy recovery.

Stage 1

Thorough Evaluation

 The key to improving your functional movement is by an accurate analysis where we will identify the underlying cause of your immobility and imbalances.

  • Full 10-point functional movement screen.

  • Neurological, balance and coordination testing.

  • Results reported to you and corrective exercises in 72 hours.

Stage 2

Personalised programme

Your tailored program gives you peace of mind that you will restore optimal function and mobility to move freely and with confidence.

  • Proven approach
  • Diagnostic accuracy
  • Expert advice
Stage 3

Informed Prevention

We are committed to helping you understand how to stop any deterioration in your mobility to preserve your independence with easy-to-use and practical solutions.

  • Ongoing care and support
  • Bespoke equipment
  • Lifestyle changes

We restore your freedom of movement so you can enjoy independent mobility.

  • Helped over 1,900 people restore their mobility

  • More than 1,000 people saved from mobility aids every year

  • 45 Years of combined clinical expertise and experience

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Get a free functional movement screening

Find out your mobility score to live a full and active life

  • Without medication
  • Non-surgical
  • Safe & effective

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Find out your mobility score to live a full and active life

  • Without medication
  • Non-surgical
  • Safe & effective
Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

3 Steps to restoring your mobility

Step 1 Functional movement screening

Step 2 Personalised program

Step 3 Bespoke advice for prevention

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Practitioners in Canterbury specialising in functional movement

Immobility, imbalances and poor flexibility can all severely restrict your daily activities. We all know that balance and freedom of movement are vital for maintaining your independence.

Using a proven 10-point functional movement screening, we will identify any limitations before they affect your quality of life.

By resolving any restrictions and limitations you be able to live a pain-free, active life once again.

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024
Gardening was becoming increasingly difficult and less enjoyable. Since starting the exercises I am far more mobile and flexible.
Alan Ward (68)

Common functional movement questions

A quick 3 point check can be carried out to determine if there may be scoliosis present in your spine. Click the video below to learn how you can carry out this check at home with a family member, or a friend.

The curvature of the spine can stretch, irritate, or squish nerves. It can also strain joints, causing them to become worn or inflamed. Scoliosis also affects your posture, which leads to muscles tightening or becoming tired, causing pain.

You should avoid activities that cause poor posture, for example carrying a heavy handbag/school bag over one shoulder.

Often, you do not feel pain, and that is why we encourage preventative checks. What you may notice is one shoulder higher than the other and, on women, your bra strap being tighter on one side than the other.

If you are overweight, weight loss can also help to reduce scoliosis symptoms.

It is important to have a scoliosis screening to determine the level and degree of spinal distortion before providing bespoke exercises that would be best for you.

Major surgery has risks. Complications from scoliosis surgery are less likely today compared to a few decades ago, but risks still include infection, paralysis, the spine failing to fuse and even more pain after the surgery.

Early intervention is the closest you can get to scoliosis prevention. By getting a scoliosis screening you are on the first steps to preventing and correcting your scoliosis.

If you have more questions, please contact us.