Full body evaluation for posture correction

Early diagnosis allows for timely intervention to stop further spinal deformation and many other health conditions.

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Solve the cause of many health issues

Stop further deformation

Stand up tall again

Stop poor posture affecting your health and life

Our team of posture specialists are part of a leading practice in identifying and treating posture abnormalities. Through a scientific and personally-tailored approach, they will help you resolve any posture deformations, and assure optimal posture for life.

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Solving your poor posture for good

Target the real problem

 Identify the underlying cause of your poor posture, to prevent further deformation and other related health issues.

Scientific approach

A natural, non-invasive tailored program based on safe and effective corrective methods

Correct your posture

Stop and reverse the effects of poor posture and prevent permanent damage

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024
I started noticing gradual changes when Anthony started carrying a backpack to school. Thanks to guidance provided by the specialists at BodyWell, we were able to stop his problem from becoming permanent.
Ann Jones (34) mother of Anthony (9)
After months of consultations and tests with doctors and consultants, the specialists at BodyWell were the only ones to properly check my posture and find the cause of my headaches.
Emmanuel Knight (42)

3 stages to maintaining a good posture

Correct the problem

Identifying the underlying causes of your posture deformation.

Diagnostic expertise

Digital x-rays, nerve scans and 3d load bearing scans for accurate analysis and correction.

Team of experts

Specialists and staff are all highly trained in the field of correcting posture.

Open 6am to 6pm

Appointments around your work and school schedule to correct your posture and other related health issues.

Stage 1

Thorough Evaluation

The key to correcting your posture is by an accurate analysis where we will identify the underlying cause of the deformation and give you a precise and bespoke correction program that works specifically for you.

  • Digital x-rays for immediate feedback and reporting

  • Nerve scan technology to identify muscle and nerve imbalance

  • 3D foot scans to identify distortion contributing to poor alignment

  • Results reported to  you in person within 72 hours

Stage 2

Personalised programme

Your tailored programme gives you peace of mind that the Centre in Canterbury is equipped with everything you need to correct your posture

  • Up-to-date methods
  • Diagnostic accuracy
  • Expert advice
Stage 3

Informed Prevention

We are committed to helping you understand how to correct and maintain your posture by providing you with easy to use practical solutions

  • Ongoing care and support
  • Bespoke equipment
  • Lifestyle changes

Get a free posture check

Solve your poor posture and live pain-free

  • Without medication
  • Non-surgical
  • Safe & effective

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unaligned spine before 3
aligned spine after 3

Chiropractor Canterbury in correcting poor posture

Poor posture can affect the way people see you, but also can be the cause of many health conditions that can affect your quality life. Pain, arthritis, premature aging, chronic fatigue and spinal subluxations are only some of the more common conditions caused by poor posture.

We use digital x-rays, nerve scan technology and load-bearing scans to accurately identify and correct poor posture

Finding the cause of your poor posture will stop and reverse negative effects and prevent permanent damage.

Expires 6pm Sunday 30th June 2024
Working from home was affecting my posture. The posture check really helped me.
Rosie Parks (47)

Common posture questions

The severe pain in your hip, buttock, and leg is not the actual problem, it is just the symptom (‘warning signal’) that is telling you nerves are being irritated. The key to stopping your sciatica and leg pain is to identify what is causing it.

If you have more questions, please contact us.

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Download our free PDF to save time and money when seeking posture correction.